Monday, December 12, 2011

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Ah, Monday!

Unlike many people, I love Mondays. I usually have the day off from my out-of-home job, and I relish the day full of "catching up". I try to get the work week ahead organized with a little cooking, shopping, and the other mundane details of life, and then I like to work on my projects.

Today I have a breakfast date, and then I will make a casserole for tonight's supper for the boys and me. And then, I am sewing!

I am working on finishing up various Christmas gifts, which must remain un-described right now. Then I will be working on getting my inventory beefed up for the grand opening of my Etsy store: The shop is currently empty, but please check back often, as I will be starting to add things a little at a time.

My focus for the shop will be handmade handbags, quilted items, and gifts. As I am new at the Etsy business, I would love to hear from you about what you'd like to see in my Etsy shop. What excites you when you are shopping for handmade items for yourself or for gifts? I personally love bags. I am a bit of a bagaholic. I love bright, clear colors; batiks are a personal favorite.

I also adore handmade jewelry. I love earrings, and I am drawn to the original. I love classic simplicity, but have been known to wear a funky, quirky pair of earrings. When we travel, I am always looking for the little artist's gallery with unique pieces of jewelry. Etsy is a treasure trove of these great finds- heaven!

One artist I love is StephieMc. Her Etsy shop is here:
I have purchased her necklaces (she will custom make one for you!), and I always receive compliments when I wear one. I like the earrings above; they may be a near future purchase.

I have not purchased (yet) from KahiliCreations, but look at this adorable set of hoops from Hawaii's big island. White Plumeria shell hoop earrings. One of my favorite scents on this earth is that of the plumeria blossom; wearing these would put me back in the island mood instantly!

So, Dear Readers, please let me know what you would love to see in an Etsy shop featuring homemade stitched items. What makes you happy? Leave me a comment, or post on my Facebook page:

You can also follow me on Twitter: I am GinnStitches.

Happy Monday, all!

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