Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upcycled Denim and Cookies!

Ten days until Christmas! Can't wait!

Today I'll be baking cookies before returning to sewing. I will make Candy Cane Thumbprints, which are tasty little butter cookies with crushed candy canes sprinkled into a little thumbprint. They are delicious. We are having a cookie exchange at work tomorrow; these are going to that.

Then I plan to finish a bag I started yesterday. It is made from upcycled denim from GAP jeans,  donated by Libbi. (that girl is hard on her jeans; these had a big hole in the knee!) It is really cute, with a bright red lining. I will embellish it with the original button from one of the pairs of jeans I used.

I still have a few gifts to finish up, then I will go full speed ahead on more things for the shop. Stay tuned!

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